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Used Vectra on-line 1500 Multi Station selectorized Home Gym
[On-Line 1500]

Used Vectra on-line 1500 Multi Station selectorized Home Gym
It is the ultimate home gym, having undergone many design improvements since its introduction in 1987 as the On-Line 1500. Even then, it revolutionized the industry with features such as the patented “no cable change” On-Line® system. No one had experienced a machine like this — more versatile, comfortable, smooth, more solid than anything before.

Year after year Vectra Fitness proves it deserves its reputation as the Industry’s Innovation Leader. To its unequalled line of single and multi stack machines, Vectra Fitness adds the On-Line 1500. Not since the advent of the patented On-Line® “no cable change system” has there been such a leap forward in exercise technology.

First of all, the On-Line 1500 offers a free-weight mode far superior to any previous such system (see at right for details). In addition, this feature can be easily switched off by selecting the fixed mode, which offers an unsurpassed natural arc press motion.If you’ve never pressed with a traditional bar and plates, here’s the scenario. Load the plates, taking care not to overload one side. Don’t drop a plate on your foot. Look for somebody to spot for you. Add a plate or two, subtract a plate or two. Don’t let the bar get away from you.

Here’s how easy it is with the Vectra On-Line 1500. All you need to do to transform the machine from fixed mode to “free-weight” mode is pull the conveniently located selector knob. This releases the fore-and- aft restrictions on the weight stack, requiring you to con-trol and balance the weight throughout the pressing action, approxi-mating the sensation and benefits of free-weight pressing.

This act of controlling the vertical path during the lift is what separates the 1500 system from the so-called “user-defined” machines, with merely a free-floating press arm. Just as with a free-weight bar, the more you lift vertically with the 1500, the more you must balance. And the more balance required, the more the secondary, supportive muscles must be called into action.

To return to the fixed mode, simply push in the selector knob. This amazing fea-ture must be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated.

  • Chest supported row effectively isolates back muscles and reduces lower back stress during exercise
  • Ratcheted 12 position seat back at leg/row station to accommodate each user
  • Weight stack option allows up to 310 lbs. of resistance at pressing station
  • Parallelogram, direct drive press arm design provides natural arc movement and completely eliminates cable stretch at the pressing station
  • Butterfly station features patented ARC (Automatic Ratcheting Cam) that allows you to customize your starting position, ensuring the perfect range of motion setting to match your flexibility
  • Vector bench has a patented self-adjusting design, is free standing, and may also be used for a variety of dumbbell and abdominal exercises
  • Self-adjusting, contoured lower leg pads easily adapt to different sizes of users
  • Intelligent design creates a versatile environment where squats, dips, shoulder shrugs, calf raises, flat and decline bench presses may be performed. These exercises are typically not found on other manufacturers' gyms, or are not of the same high quality
  • Innovative contoured shoulder pads offer improved comfort for performing squat and calf raise exercises
  • 2 leg press options available as another effective way to exercise your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Both options include a large footplate that offers a variety of foot positions
  • Large diameter tubing, besides adding to the integrity of the welded frame, creates an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look
  • The components used are the very best, including stainless steel guide rods, powder coated weight plates, ball bearing pulleys, and aircraft quality cable with stainless steel fittings

  • Vector Bench: 7 position, patented self-adjustment with spring-loaded wheel, and bench angle indicator
  • Press Arm: 21 positions with ball bearing pivots
  • Patented, fingertip release lever functions in both directions
  • Leg Developer: Ball bearing pivot, with patented locking two-position seat for supported leg curls 1:1 lift ratio Pulleys: Fiberglass reinforced nylon with ball bearing hub
  • Cable: Internally lubricated, clear nylon coated, 7 x 19 strand construction, aircraft quality, 2000 lb. tensile strength with stainless steel fittings
  • Guide Rods: Stainless steel, linear polished. Frame: Heavy duty welded steel construction, quality powder coat finish for durability
  • Machine dimensions: 5'10" x 9'3". Height: 6'11"
  • Machine weight: 720 lbs. or 770 lbs. (depending on chosen weight stack) Cushions: Seamless, form fitted
  • Need help using the unit? Visit this link. http://vectrafitness.com/products/?p=vx18&c=exercises
  • The press arm adjustment is not located on the "hand grip" It is above your head on the frame. Adjust, then go. Not grab and go like the new VX-18

ITEMS: This is a used Vectra 1500 online. This unit is in great condition and does not have a lot of wear. Customer who owned the gym NEVER used it due to sudden relocation. The new version, VX18 sells for almost $6K in our stores. This is basically the exact same gym for half the price.

Easy to use, smooth with the best quality money can buy. Vectra is 100% commercial quality. If you are looking for a total solution, this is it. Cables, fixed press arms, squats, chest supported rows, dips, everything! The bench does not come all the way out for squats and dips. You just slide it to the side for open space.

This machine is top notch, very smooth and has the very rare 305 lb upgrade (260 stack + 35 lb bench arm.) Standard units only have a 210 lb stack. In- home workout center. Great for getting an effective workout without going to a club and safer than free weights. The Vectra 1800 has three workout stations and uses a single 210 lb weight stack. No cable or lever changes are required when moving from station to station, just set your weight pin and go! Great workout...compact space. There are many exercises that you can do on the Vectra, including shoulder press, squats, calf raises, abdominal, biceps, triceps, and many more! The 1800 is a space-efficient machine requiring only 65 square feet of floor space. Its design allows it to be placed against a wall or into a corner, if needed. No cable or lever changes are required when moving from station to station, just set your weight pin and GO!
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