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Baby Jogger BabyJogger Stroller Canopy Hanger Wire Frame Single

Baby Jogger BabyJogger Stroller Canopy Hanger Wire Frame Single
Original Heavy Duty Canopy Support Hanger Wire Frame

For Single Baby Jogger Strollers

Note: This is the Hanger Wire Frame Only. Accessories such as the Shade Cover Canopy that is the Canvas Denim Material and Black Plastic Bracket Clips with Fasteners may be ordered separately.

These are the factory original Hanger Wire Frames which fit all Single Seat Baby Jogger Racing Stroller Brand Models:
  • Original
  • II-12
  • II-16
  • II-20
  • Super Jogger
  • Yakima Jogger

Each Black Plastic Canopy Bracket Clip with Fastener Sold Separately for $8.95 each

Black Pair of Plastic Canopy Brackets Clips with Fasteners Sold for $14.99 for the pair.

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