EVO 2 Treadmill Features Heart Rate & Motion Speed Contol Refurb

EVO 2 Treadmill Features Heart Rate & Motion Speed Contol Refurb
Evo 2 Treadmill
  • Extra Long 20in x 62in treadbelt
  • Powerful 3.0 continuous horsepower motor
  • Swing Arm frame cushioning system softens the impact
  • Patented Motion Control - Adjust speed with the wave of your hands
  • Wireless heart-rate control with belt and transmitter available
  • Handrail grip pulse monitor
  • New extra large 3in LED console displays speed, distance, time, pace, calories burned, pulse rate
  • Optional Smooth Speaker System for exceptional audio output
  • 6in straddle pads for easily getting on and off the treadmill
  • Easy to read 1/4 mile track display with progress report
  • Non-slip larger rollers extends the life of the belt, deck and roller bearings
  • Solid 297 lb treadmill weight - provides extra stability
  • Easy to clean two-ply, non-slip whisper weave belt.
  • Accessory rack with dual water bottle holders and CD tray
  • Comes Assembled
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