Keys Fitness Milestone Mile Stone 1200 GT Fold Treadmill Refurb

Keys Fitness Milestone Mile Stone 1200 GT Fold Treadmill Refurb
Keys Milestone Mile Stone 1200GT Treadmills. Our best-selling, award-winning Milestone 1200GT was upgraded with a 2.0 HP continuous - duty motor. The MS1200GT was awarded Best Space Saver treadmill by Good Housekeeping magazine in February, 2000 out of all fold up treadmills in the USA! Also awarded Best in Customer Satisfaction by the American Council on Exercise.

  • Horsepower ( Continuous ) 2.00
  • Horsepower ( Peak ) 5.00
  • Frame Style Fold Up SES
  • Stability Extension System (SES) Lower Unit Frame Wheels Extend / Contract for Greater Stability
  • Electronics 5 Window LCD with 1/4 Mile Lap Track & Lap Counter
  • One Touch Speed Toggle also on the Handrails
  • One Touch Elevation Toggle also on the Handrails
  • Built in Cup Holder YES
  • Programs 3 Preset, 6 User
  • Maintenance Free Deck YES
  • Power Incline 0 - 12 %
  • Roller Diameter 1.9 inch
  • Cushioned Deck Yes
  • Speed Range 0 - 10 MPH
  • Belt Size 18 x 51 inch
  • Front Hand Rails Yes
  • Foot Print 29 x 62 inch
  • Foot Print Folded 29 x 29 inch

  • Foot Print 29 x 62 inch
  • Foot Print Folded 29 x 29 inch


The Milestone 1200GT was recognized in Better Homes and Gardens by the American Council on Exercise as the midrange priced treadmill for "Excellence in Customer Satisfaction." 20,000 treadmill owners were polled for overall satisfaction on safety, features, durability, ease of use, and the ability to provide an effecitve workout.

Good HouseKeeping named the Milestone 1200GT Treadmill as the "Best Space Saver." When you're not jogging on this portable treadmill, it folds to just 29" by 29" (the least space of any we tested), and it rolls out of the way. Designed for walking or light running, the Keys Milestone is ready to go right out of the box, no assembly required.
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