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LifeFitness Life Fitness LifeCycle Life Cycle Recumbent Bike R1

LifeFitness Life Fitness LifeCycle Life Cycle Recumbent Bike R1
LifeFitness Recumbant Exercise Bike R 1 Refurb

  • Comfortable recumbent seat and back pad
  • Plug-in Reliability
  • Contact EKG Heart Rate Hand Sensors (Wireless heart rate monitoring system included with console)
  • Front and side-mounted handlebars
  • Energy Saver mode minimizes power drawn when the machine is turned on but not in use. The machine will turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity, and wakes up easily with a touch of the Energy Saver button on the console.
  • 20 Resistance Levels
  • 13 Seat Adjustments
  • Color Black
  • Hill / Incline Programs
  • Number of Exercise Programs 5
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Details:
    The R1 Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bike combines challenging workouts with incredible comfort. Just lean back in the seat and notice how it accommodates your size, your abilities, and your preferences. Smooth, quiet, durable on a Recumbent Bike, you can achieve your fitness goals comfortably.
  • Ready to Ride
    Self-balancing bilateral pedaling pedals with easy to adjust ratcheting straps.
  • Get a Grip
    Front and side mounted handlebars for a more comfortable biking experience.
  • Accessories in Easy Reach
    Easy to reach front mounted water bottle holder and built-in reading rack conveniently located on the console.
  • Heart Rate Hand Sensors
    Provide convenient contact EKG heart rate monitoring for a safer and more effective workout.
  • Display: Blue and white custom etched LCD
  • Display size: 3 x 5 inch
  • Number of workouts: 5 (Manual, Hill, Random, EZ Resistance, Sport Training)
  • Quick start
  • Cool Down mode
  • Warm Up mode

  • Feedback:
    • Incline
    • Level
    • Time
    • Speed (mph, km/h)
    • Distance
    • Heart rate
    • Target heart rate
    • Calories
    • Watts

  • Dimensions: 57 L x 26 W x 54 H inch
  • Unit weight: 130 lbs.
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Safety Quality: CE, CSA, FCC, GS/TUV, UL

  • Lifetime Guarantee Durable, heavy-duty welded frame is guaranteed for life.
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