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Troy Barbell Olympic Weight Plate Tree A Frame Storage Rack GOSR

The USA Sports by Troy Barbell Economy Olympic Plate Tree keeps your workout are neat and tidy as it has a compact space saving design at a compact price. The A - shaped frame is made of steel with a white finish, while the pegs hold two-inch Olympic plates, up to 300 pounds total.

About Troy Barbell: Since 1987, Troy Barbell has been developing and manufacturing free weights and fitness equipment while providing unparalleled quality, service, and satisfaction to its growing customer base. Today, the Houston-based company is one of the top free-weight manufacturers in the industry with a diverse range of products and a full commitment to use only the highest grade materials and designs. The Troy family consists of three lines: USA, leading-quality home fitness; VTX, committed to specialty and training applications; and Troy, the premium line of free-weight equipment for commercial and institutional use. Steel construction with white finish. Plate rack with compact A-frame design. Holds most 2-inch Olympic plates. 300-pound weight capacity.

  • Compact A - frame design
  • Holds 2 inch Olympic plates
  • 300 Pound weight capacity

  • Steel construction
  • Durable Powder Coat white finish
  • Dimensions: 23 L x 12.25 W x 30 H inches
  • Box Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 20.76 pounds. VR1.2
  • Item model number: GOSR
  • 90-day limited manufacturer's warranty
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