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Vertical Bar Holder Stand Storage Rack Holds 9 Standard 1in Bars

Vertical Bar Holder Stand Storage Rack Holds 9 Standard 1in Bars
Designed for ultimate speed, safety, convenience and affordability. It's a must have for gyms, schools, clubs and especially the home. Perfect for up to 9 Standard Bars, Curl Bars, Tricep Bars, Trap Bars, they all fit! Keep your workout area safe, clean and organized. Satin black powder coat finish will look new even under heavy usage. Picture shown is similar but actual has all tubes are for 1 inch bars.

  • Heavy Welded MIG Welded
  • Holds 9 Standard 1 in Bars Vertically
  • Save space
  • 16 in x 16 in
  • 7.9 in Height
  • Heavy 39 lb. for stability
  • Will not tip even with 1 bar on the side
  • Clean precision welds with no obstruction on the inner tubes
  • GW: 36lb. 120V
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