PowerTec WorkBench Leg Lift Extension Curl Accessory WB-LLA16

PowerTec WorkBench Leg Lift Extension Curl Accessory WB-LLA16


DFW Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Area

(972) 488-3222


Recently re-engineered the system now features a bumper and a permanent safety rod stopper.

Smooth Precise Range of motion and comfort:
Loading the weight directly onto the 1 inch lever horn provides smooth and consistent resistance from top to bottom on both the Leg Extension and Leg Curl.

Workout your Quadriceps:
Allows for seated Leg Extensions to isolate the quadriceps.

Workout you Hamstrings and Buttocks:
Allows for prone Leg Curl Flexation to isolate the hamstring and gluteous maximus.

Workout your Abs:
A swivel lock pin locks the leg lever securely in place to allow for abdominal crunches to be performed with comfort.

Easy in and out access:
All WorkBench Machine Accessories are quality built and relatively lightweight for quick and easy in and out access. A knob lock pin tightens the accessory during exercise.

Weight Capacity 200 lb.

LWH: 24 x 17.5 x 19.8 inch

  • Lifetime on frame
  • 2 years on component parts bearings, spring pins
  • 1 year on pads, grips and unspecified parts
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