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Reebock T7.90 Adaptor Convertor Optional Electrical Wall AC Cord

Reebock T7.90 Adaptor Convertor Optional Electrical Wall AC Cord
Save $$ Money !!
  • Stop wasting those 4 Expensive D Cell Alkaline Batteries monthly
  • Converts wall outlet 110 VAC to energy saving DC voltage
  • Plugs into the built-in input jack on your device or behind the console
  • Includes 42 inch power cord and eliminates the need for batteries

Compare to ICON ( ProForm ) selling it for $63.65 plus shipping of $18.97
Fits the following model numbers:
  • RBCCEL779100 - Reebok T7.90 Elliptical CrossTrainer
  • RBCCEL77910.0 - Reeboc T 7.90 Eliptical Cross Trainer
  • RBEL779090 - Reebok T7.90 Elliptical
  • RBEL77909.0 - Reeboc T 7.90 Eliptical

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