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Schwinn 125 Adapter Pack AC to DC Converter Plug-In Outlet Cord

Schwinn 125 Adapter Pack AC to DC Converter Plug-In Outlet Cord
Save $$ Money !!
  • Stop wasting money on expensive batteries
  • New High Quality Energy Efficient (HQEE) replacement AC adapter
  • Converts wall outlet 110V - 240V AC to energy saving DC voltage
  • Plugs into the built-in input jack receptacle on your device or behind the console
  • New "compact" design with an in-line EMI / RFI filter
  • Cord is approximately 42 inch long (extensions cord sold separately). Type 'extension' in Quick Find Search
  • Replacement AC to DC Transformer Pack
  • Automatic Overload Cut-Off
  • LED Power Indicator Light
  • 100% Compatible with Original AC Power Adapter
  • High Efficiency and Reliability
  • 2 year warranty

Compare to Schwinn Fitness selling it for $49.99 plus shipping of $14.97

Powar Supplies Pack AC to DC Class 2 Transformers Plugin Electrical Cord

Fits the following model numbers:
  • Schwinn 125 Upright Stationary Exercise Bike Machine

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