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Nautilus NTR300 500 800 Treadmill Front Head Drive Roller KK2572

Nautilus NTR300 500 800 Treadmill Front Head Drive Roller KK2572
Used on the following models:

NOTE: The speed sensor magnet is located on the outside of the pulley.

Nautilus Residential

FreeSpirit - 309421 FreeSpirit - 309470 FreeSpirit - 309471 FreeSpirt - 309420 Treadmill - 30901

Treadmill - NTR100.1 Treadmill - NTR800.5 Treadmill 110V - NTR 500 Treadmill 110V - NTR 700.4 Treadmill 220V - NTR 500


122.309000 Free Spirit Treadmill

6350.1 6510.1 6710.1 6800.1 6900.1 810P 820P 835P 840 845P 860


300.1 300.1E 3700.1SR 3840.1SR 3900.1SR 500.1 500.1E


6150.1 6150.1E 6150.2E 6350.1 6350.1E 6350.2E 6500.1 6510.1E 6710.1E 6800.1E 6900.1E 6900.2E


700.1 700.1E 7000 7000.1 7000.1E 7010.1HR 7010.1HRE 7010HR 7050.1 7050.1E 7050.2 7050.2E 7050.2K 7050.3 7050.3E 7050.3K 7050.3SR 7050.4 7050.4E 7050.4K 7050.4SR 7150 7150.1 7150.1E 7150.2 7150.2E 7150.3 7150.3E 7150.3SR 7150.4 7150.4E 7150.4SR 7200.1 7200.1E 7200.1SR 7200.2 7200.2E 7200.2SR 7200.2SS 7200.3E 7200.3SSE 7200ss 7600.1 7600.1E 7600.1SS 7600.1SSE 7600.1SSR 7600.2 7600.2E 7600.2SS 7600.2SSE 7600.2SSR 7600.3E 7600.3SSE 7600SS 7800.1 7800.1E 7800.1SR 7800.2 7800.2E 800.1 800.1E


810.1 820.1 820.3 835.1 835.1E 835.2 845.1 845.1E 845.2


T340.1 110VAC T340.1 220VAC T340.2 T345.2 T350HR.1 T350HR.2 T355HR.1 T355HR.2 T360.1 T360.2 T370HR.1 T370HR.2 T380LC.1 T380LC.2
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