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Century MMA Heavy Bag Harness Cross-Over 4-Way Training System

Century MMA Heavy Bag Harness Cross-Over 4-Way Training System
IT"S TIME !!!! To Kick sum...

Get the bag designed for all aspects of mixed martial arts training with the Century MMA Cross-Over 4-Way Training System. This cross-over trainer comes with a 50 lb. bag, straps for simple hanging and a harness for dragging. The loops on the top and bottom of the bag allow for a wide range of strength-building exercises. Over 50 workout suggestions are included, along with a workout DVD.

  • Versatile cross-over trainer
  • Comes with 50 lb. bag
  • Straps for hanging and a dragging harness
  • Strategically placed handles allow for numerous muscle-building exercises
  • Includes 50 workout suggestions and workout DVD
  • Model: 101108
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