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Troy VTX Medicine Med Balls CrossFit Cross Fit Wall Ball 18 lbs.

Troy VTX Medicine Med Balls CrossFit Cross Fit Wall Ball 18 lbs.
DESCRIPTION: This heavy duty CrossFit Wall Ball is designed to take the repetitive impact off the wall and durable enough to take the abuse off the floor. The texture and material of VTX Wall Ball is designed to help you maintain contact with the ball when sweat attempts to inhibit your ability to hold on.

Troy VTX medicine balls offer a great combo of low price and high durability. Most inexpensive padded med balls suffer from two shortcomings: unbalanced weight and low durability. Troy VTX med balls have a great grippy outside that stands up to our torture tests, plus they have the Crossfit-standard 14" exterior diameter.

In addition to CrossFit, Troy VTX medicine balls are great for many partner exercises- toss the balls back and forth in any number of different permutations for a great workout.

  • 14 inch Diameter
  • High Quality Leather and Heavy Stitching
  • Grey on Black
  • Commercial 1 year Warranty

  • Lunges
  • Tosses
  • Ab exercises
  • Snatch
  • Clean and Jerk
  • Squat (depth)
  • And even more!
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