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TKO Tri-Grip Hex Dumbbell Set 65 Lbs Rubber Coated Dumbells

TKO Tri-Grip Hex Dumbbell Set 65 Lbs Rubber Coated Dumbells
Get the most out of your workouts with the TKO Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set 65lb. This set is perfect for any workout setting, these dumbbells comes with the TKO patented Tri Grip handle for a safe and comfortable grip. This set features durable rubber encased heads to protect your workout areas. The convenient hexagon shaped heads ensure your dumbbell will not roll away between sets.

All of our SDS Series of dumbbells feature the patented TRI-GRIP tri cornered shape and fully knurled steel handles. The only anatomically correct system on the market today, the TRI GRIP System increases lifting comfort and efficiency. The tri-cornered shape allows for a truly natural grip, eliminating pain and fatigue associated with round or contoured bars.

With the TKO Tri-Grip Hex Dumbbell Set 65 Lbs, Rubber Coated, you can enjoy working out at the comfort of your own home. This set of gym equipment is perfect for your weight lifting activities to tone your different upper body muscles. With the tri-grip designed handles, each piece offers a stable and comfortable grip. This array of weights also features an odorless sturdy rubber coating that ensures long-lasting protection not only for the equipment but for your floors, too.

  • Refurbished with warranty
  • Patented Tri Grip handle allows for secure grip
  • SDS Secure Dumbbell System Patented design
  • 65# Dumbbells With Hex Designed Heads
  • Durable rubber encased Hex Dumbbell is odorless
  • Will not crack or fade & prevents damage to floors & equipment
  • Ideal for home, vertical & commercial markets
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