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Nordictrack Nordic Track C2100 C 2100 Folding Treadmill Refurb

Nordictrack Nordic Track C2100 C 2100 Folding Treadmill Refurb


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  • Motor: 2.25 CHP Commercial DurX Drive System
  • Speed: 0 -10 MPH
  • Incline: 0-12%
  • Treadbelt: 20 x 55 inch
  • Folding: Yes
  • 300 lb Weight Capacity Deck
  • DuraSoft III Impact Cushioning
  • Weight Capacity - While most treadmills under $2500 have a 200-250 pound weight capacity, the C2100 has a higher 300 pound weight capacity which makes it a little more stable than similarly priced treadmills.
  • Lots Of Workout Options
    - The MyMiles Odometer and the Carb Counter help you track and meet your fitness goals. There`s also 10 built in workout programs and 1-Step pulse sensor to help you stay in your target heart rate range. It`s really hard for you to get bored with this treadmill.
  • DuraSoft III Impact Cushioning
    - The Durasoft cushioning system on this treadmill is fairly decent and can help reduce impact on your joints by up to 28%, as compared to road running.
  • The NordicTrack C2100 is a motorized treadmill designed for residential use. It has a speed range of 0 to 10 mph. The incline ramp is adjustable up to a 12 percent grade. Quick-set buttons allow you to adjust the speed or incline with the touch of a button. The C2100 offers several built-in workout program modes.
  • Manual
    The manual program mode allows you to control the incline and speed settings. This is the default mode. The treadmill belt starts at 1 mph. Use the incline or speed up and down arrow buttons to adjust either setting. Adjust the incline in .5 percent increments; adjust the speed .1 mph at a time. You can also use the quick-set buttons at any time to change the speed or incline.
  • Preset Workouts
    The C2100 offers eight built-in certified personal trainer programs. Each offers a different intensity profile. When you select a program, the maximum speed and incline settings will flash on the screen, as well as the length and profile of the workout. Each program is divided into 30- or 60-second segments. Every segment has a different incline and speed setting, although two segments may have the same settings. You can manually override the program settings any time by using the speed and incline buttons on the console.
  • Custom Workouts
    The C2100 offers two custom programs. These work in a similar manner to the preset workouts. When you choose a program, the length, profile and maximum settings will flash on the screen. The custom workouts are divided into one-minute segments. Each segment has its own speed and incline setting. If you change any of the settings using the speed and incline buttons on the console, the new setting is saved for the next time you do that workout.
  • iFit Technology
    The NordicTrack C2100 features iFit technology. You can purchase workout CDs or MP3s and play them by connecting the treadmill to your CD player or stereo. The C2100 also connects to your computer. Visit and download new workouts. Each workout features a virtual personal trainer that walks you through each step of the workout. The treadmill adjusts the incline and speed settings during the workout. Music is included to motivate and energize you.

  • Foot Print: 37 x 69 inch
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Belt Length: 55
  • Belt Width: 20
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