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Treadmill Roller Slip Rubber Traction Grip Sleeve 3" Diameter

Treadmill Roller Slip Rubber Traction Grip Sleeve 3\" Diameter

Repair Your Treadmill! Save Hundreds!

No need to buy a new Front Drive Roller. Save up to $169.95 which is typically the cost of a new Drive roller. Then save up to $200 in labor by the easy installation.

Fits most Tredmill Drive Rollers with diameters of 2-1/16 to 2.9375 inch (2.0625"-3.000")

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Eliminates belt slippage. Belt adheres to the roller so that it does not slip when using the treadmill. Heavy Duty Durable Professional

Allows the belt to operate at a lower tension and subsequently lower motor and electronics amp draw.

On many treadmills, the factory originally made the drive roller with a traction sleeve to help grip the belt. This allows the belt to operate at a lower tension and subsequently, a lower amp draw which will prolong electronics and/or motor life as well as belt life. If you have a sleeve on your drive roller, do not remove it unless you are going to replace the sleeve.

The walking belt slips as the user starts running.

Check the drive roller. On many of treadmills, the drive roller has a traction sleeve that helps the belt operate at a lower tension level to prolong the life of the machine. This plastic sleeve can slip off to one side, causing problems with the treadmill.

This slippage usually occurs at the drive roller which is commonly the front roller of the treadmill. The walking belt is actually slipping on the very component that is intended to drive of force the walking belt to move under load.

Most small diameter drive rollers do not have sufficient surface area to provide the frictional force necessary to cause the belt not to slip. To alleviate this, the manufacturer's added a plastic sleeve or coating to the metal roller. This plastic sleeve eventually wears or tears and will need to be replaced.

Since the plastic sleeve is not possible to reapply a replacement rubberized sleeve cover is available.

This replacement is the most recommended because a the damaged original sleeve could cause the belt to track unevenly and wear unevenly, and can ruin your walking belt.

Call us to order this kit which contains the shrinkable rubber sleeve that you replace the damaged plastic sleeve on your roller. All you will need is a small propane torch ( available for as low as $7.95 at the hardware store ) or a 1500 Watt + heat gun to shrink the rubber sleeve to the drive roller. The kit includes rubber and everything you will need except heating device. If the old plastic sleeve is peeling off or moving to one side, which is a common problem on some treadmills, there are a few things you can try:

  • 1) Trim the old plastic sleeve.
    A sleeve that is not centered will cause your belt to move to one side, and will offload the force on the belt seam causing it to track unevenly and wear unevenly, and can ruin your walking belt. This will cause you to make regular adjustments to it and eventually you will need to replace the sleeve or the roller.

  • 2) Replace the roller.
    Since the old plastic sleeve is factory installed with an air compressor or by a heat machine, even if you could get another plastic sleeve (which you cannot through the factory) most people would have no way to put it on.

  • 3) Install a Rubber Traction Sleeve.
    The final option which is the best and most economical is to replace plastic sleeving with a traction grip sleeve cover. You will need a heat gun or a propane torch to shrink the sleeve to the roller. The sleeve includes everything you will need except the heat device.

  • 4) Let us install the sleeve.
    We charge $79.95 for everything, parts, labor and even shipping back to you. To do this the roller has to be shipped to us.

Please follow the instructions below for installation.
  • Step One:
    Remove the Motor Hood Cover
  • Step Two:
    Loosen the Treadmill Walking Belt by turning the two rear roller adjustment bolts counter-clockwise about 8 full turns.
    Loosen the Drive Motor Poly V Rib Belt by loosening the Motor mounts of the motor tension bolt.
  • Step Three:
    Remove the Front Roller Assembly by removing the one or two roller end bolts.
  • Step Four:
    Using a knife cut the existing plastic sleeve down the length of the Front Roller Assembly in a continuous line.
  • Step Five:
    Wipe away all debris with alcohol, turpentine, mineral spirits that might be on the Front Roller.
  • Step Six:
    Spread a very thin coat of the Roller Contact Cement Glue to the entire Roller.
  • Step Seven:
    Place the new Roller Sleeve Cover over the Front Roller Assembly. It may seem very loose at first.
  • Step Eight:
    Using a heat gun or propane torch (Hair Dryer does not produce enough heat to shrink the Traction Cover), apply heat to the Entire Traction Sleeve Cover. Apply heat by passing the heat gun or torch back and forth while rotating the roller slowly to apply heat evenly. Do not allow the heat gun or torch flame more than a few seconds in any one spot on the Cover or it will melt. The Robber Cover will shrink to fit the front roller assembly. The Traction Cover will show some wrinkles, no problem, just apply more heat slowly until the wrinkles are not raised more than 1/16 inch high. Allow the Front Roller Assembly and New Traction Cover to cool for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Step Nine:
    Replace the front roller assembly on the treadmill and re-tension the Treadmill Walking Belt.
  • Step Ten:
    Let the glue cure for 24 hours before using the treadmill.
  • Step Eleven:
    Do not over tighten the walking belt

    If you need further help or if you need more information call us at (972) 488-3225.

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