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Fitnex X-Momentum Commercial Indoor Cardio Training Cycle Spin Spinner Spinning Bike X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike Get on the road to a great cardio workout with the X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike and take your workouts to new heights. The Momentum X Series Indoor Cycling Bike is made by Fitnex and is designed for home use. The X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike features a quiet, low-maintenance belt drive with a 44 lbs flywheel for smooth silent ride. The cut-away mid-section in the seat provides extra comfort for long workouts. The X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike indoor-style pedals are weighted to help strengthen calf muscles. A water bottle comes with the bike and fits in a bicycle-style holder. Both the handle bar and the seat may be adjusted side-to-side and up and down. When fully assembled (assembly tools included), the bike weighs 125 pounds.

The Momentum X Series Indoor Cycling Bike is an exercise bike made specifically for indoor training that will give you as great of a workout that you get on your outdoor bike. The heavy 44 lb flywheel, with quiet, low maintenance belt drive will meet any challenge that you can give it. The bike seat is anatomically designed with the mid section cut away. High performance weighted indoor cycle pedals. A commercial grade handle bar and seat, will both adjust horizontally and vertically.

Although designed for home use the X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike possesses all of the features of a gym quality bike. A micro adjustable seat with quick release lever, commercial handle bar sliders, and electroplating on the handle bars and seat post make this a very user friendly exercise bike. To make it easier to work with, the X Momentum also has been designed with built in nylon wheels for transportation and a water bottle holder with bottle.

  • 44 lbs. Flywheel
  • Belt Drive, Quiet, Low Maintenance
  • Nylon Wheels for fast transportation
  • Water bottle holder
  • High performance weighted indoor cycling pedals
  • Anatomically designed seat with mid section cut away
  • Quick release levers for easy micro adjustable seat and handle bar sliders
  • Commercial grade handle bar sliders
  • Handle bar and seat post are electroplated
  • 1 year parts
  • 6 months for seat pad and toe straps
  • 5 years for the frame
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